Healing Communities Through Play™ – Pilot Project: Ferguson, MO


Healing Communities Through Play™ – Pilot Project: Ferguson, MO

Healing Communities Through Play™ is a Play 4 ALL initiative that focuses on bringing residents and Law Enforcement Officers together to work cooperatively on designing and building play and fitness areas that benefit the entire community. The gift of play provides children and families the opportunity to exercise, foster friendships and hone in on vital developmental skills.


Play is a great equalizer that powerfully and neutrally reaches people. Healing Communities Through Play™ Pilot Community Build Playground Project – The City of Ferguson leadership including Mayor and Police Chief, St. Louis area Fraternal Order of Police, Ferguson Parks and Recreation Department, community youth and local residents all came together in a cooperative effort to build a playground, and bring the power of play to the Ferguson Community Center on September 29, 2016.

Play transcends boundaries and speaks to our universal humanity. Regardless of people’s origin, race, socioeconomic status or ability, play bridges presumed differences and fosters connections. In a polarizing world, play brings people together. What is fractured can be reassembled, stronger than before. It takes trust, goodwill, community service and a common vision built upon mutual respect. This playground project in Ferguson is only one step, it may seem small to many but it’s a step in the right direction. Join Play 4 ALL in healing communities through play™ across America.

For more information on how you can bring this initiative to your city to foster healing and reconnect your community, please call us at 800.438.2780 ext. 139 or email us at victoria@play4allcampaign.com.