Turnkey Solutions & Installation


Seamless. Certified. Compliant.

RJR offers turnkey, 5-star installation so you don't have to worry about anything. We've been building and installing playgrounds for decades -- and our experience means your project will run smoothly.

Pre-Install Site Review - Smithville 28 455 1524846923

Pre-Install Site Review

Our area representative and certified installers will examine the site of your future playground to make sure the environment will be a great spot for a playground.

Things we look for:

  • Is the path to the site unobstructed?
  • Is the ground flat?
  • What about rain -- will it drain off properly?
  • Will any trees need to be removed?
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Equipment Delivery & Site Prep - Crooked Creek 24 219 1524840517

Equipment Delivery & Site Prep

Once we've determined your site is a great spot for the project, we'll start setting up. We'll prep the site. When everything is ready, we'll deliver the equipment.

Site prep includes:

  • Clearing trees and brush
  • Preparing the landscape
  • Leveling the site

We'll manage the project so you don't have to.

Site Clean up & Trash Removal - Challenge Course 21665223771 O 456 1524846928

Site Clean up & Trash Removal

After we've built your playground and laid down the safety surfacing, we'll make sure all the trash is cleaned up. Your play area and fitness park will look pristine and ready for your community.

Final Walk Through & Approval - Net Tunnel 3 221 1524840524

Final Walk Through & Approval

Your area rep will walk through the playground to make sure it's what you wanted.

Certified Installers

GameTime doesn't send installers to a third party certification program. We meet them, teach them ourselves, and make sure they know how to install our products. All playground equipment is different, so when they train how to put play systems together, they are learning on one of ours.

That's exactly why GameTime offers an intensive training course at our Alabama manufacturing facility. We make sure our installers know safety regulations, industry standards, and how all of that applies when installing our playground equipment. It's important that your installation process goes smoothly, and that everything is done to our exacting specifications.